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Thank you for visiting our pages. Please leave your comments about the site and our service in this guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors.
- If you have a question and need an answer from us - please contact us by email.
- Common questions about Elbrus region please discuss on our info web site www.elbrus.org.

Hello Pilgrim tour!! we really miss you guys! we would like to thank you really much for the amazing experience you let us live! the whole trip was very well organised, the guides and other staff extremely professional and the vodka was fcuusna! Dima, you have done an amazing job to guide us to the summit, and summiting elbrus was just 1 great experience in the whole trip. All the days we spend with you guys were really cool! Tatiana, Oxana, Dima, Andrej it was really great knowing you! hopefully we'll see you again soon. A particular thanks to Andrej, who tought us the most relevant bad words in russian.... Fabio & Gustav (Italy and Norway)
Fabio & Gustav
Italy - Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 04:52:43 (EDT)
I would just like to say THANK YOU PILGRIM TOURS for a perfect arranged lite package for me and my friend. We traveled from sweden 27th of July and returned 11th of August. EVERYTING workt out just prefect. From hotel reservations, pre-booked transfer and the ehlp in Terskol. Wonderfull! A perfect 10 i must say! Thank you once again!
Lars Johansson <johanssonlarshotmail.com>
Sweden - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at 14:48:01 (EDT)
About Elbrus.org site: There are some problem with DNS pointing. Will be fixed within a couple of weeks. You can reach the site if you print its real address:
Russia - Sunday, August 08, 2004 at 18:22:52 (EDT)
Hi! I miss elbrus.org! This was the BEST site about the region with plenty of useful information! Is it going to work again? I hope so!
Tom Horvath <beretdpg.hu>
Hungary - Thursday, July 29, 2004 at 17:20:09 (EDT)
Gleb, Whats happened to www.elbrus.org ?
Brendan Lawlor
Ireland - Tuesday, July 20, 2004 at 15:57:35 (EDT)
BEWARE MINVODY AIRPORT!! First of all, thanks to Pilgrim for a nice week in Russia and getting our group on the top of Elbrus on July 13th. :-) But I would like to warn all foreigners travelling out of Russia from Minvody Airport!! The men weighing your luggage try to blackmail money from you!! This is what happened to us: My brother and I got to Minvody airport Friday morning at 5.30 a.m. We were tired from a long drive and a bit nerveous whether there would be any problems with our visa (which there wasn't). When I put my big backpack on the scales to have its weight controlled, it weighed 20 kg. When I put my daypack on it goes up to 34 kg!! My brother's big backpack weighed 21 kg and with his daypack it went up to 40 kg!! So the Russian guy at the scales said we had 14 kg too much and have to pay 50 Euro fine or we will not get on the plane! And get this: If we were willing to pay and not get a receipt, we only had to pay 40 Euro!! We were tired and nerveous and didn't think straight but we also did not have any more money except 200 Danish kroner (= 27 Euro). He made a lot of fuss and said we had to stay but in the end he just took the Danish money and put the luggage on board. It was only after we had paid and gone through the passport control that we stopped to think about it: 34 kg and 40 kg!! Thinking logically about it, we knew our daypacks didn't weigh more than 3-4 kg each. We were cheated! We saw another guide (not pilgrim) who went with her Austrian clients all the way to the scales and the Russian guy did not try to cheat them. So be careful! And try to weigh you luggage in advance and don't be afraid if he tries to trick you and say you have to pay extra!! Insist on weighing it again and see if you can catch him cheating you! There is no way this Russian guy wants to be responsible for you missing your one-flight-a-week plane to Munich and you overstaying your visa in Russia. He would have a world of explaining to do to the Russian police and I am sure he would not dare that. Just insist that his scales are wrong! Sincerely, Jesper, Denmark
Jesper Andersen <rogueanarki.dk>
Denmark - Tuesday, July 20, 2004 at 07:33:15 (EDT)
In most cases the problem is not in email: people leave the 'subject' space of email message empty or put there only one refering to spam word such as 'message' or 'request'. These messages will be removed by mail server. Best 'subject' for the initial message is 'Elbrus tour request' or 'Elbrus tour question'. People must remember that the answer will be sent to the address mentioned in 'reply to' field of their message. Also if a customer have a tour reference number he must mention it in the subject field in other case his messge may be ignored. These simple rules protect from 95% of message problems.
Russia - Wednesday, July 14, 2004 at 05:12:00 (EDT)
Gleb Perhaps you should look at starting a password protected area of your site to allow people communicate with you more effectively. It might help your email problems
Brendan Lawlor
- Friday, July 09, 2004 at 17:38:14 (EDT)
I would like to take a trip. But I am not a pilgrim. Is that ok.
Lewis Leibensraum <lewisyodajedimasteryahoo.com>
USA - Saturday, July 03, 2004 at 17:19:36 (EDT)
Visa support needed TODAY! Please guys, fax me the visa support, otherwise I'm not going to have the time for application. Payment number ss091. Thanks!
Ivaylo Minkov <ivotheochem.kth.se>
Sweden - Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 07:31:47 (EDT)
Hi, I am trying to FINALIZE a trip to Elbrus with you, then all email replies suddenly end.. I need to finalize the VISA paperwork NOW! Can anybody at Pilgrim please reactivate a contact? I communicated with Gleb before this problem started. There is now urgent need for contact. Any help is much appreciated !!
Petter Bjorstad <petterii.uib.no>
Norway - Sunday, June 27, 2004 at 03:58:28 (EDT)
Thanks to all in Pilgrim Tours. Despite the fact we had a few problems getting replies to our emails all was organised very well. I would like to thank Sergei our lead guide who was fantastic. Of our group of seven we had 100% success on the summiting. Also thanks to Andre, Tetiana our second guides Vovo and Demeteri. Particular thanks to Marshal and Heather Ulriche for their company and expertise. See you in Ireland next year :-)
eugene harrington <eugenehes.ie >
Ireland - Tuesday, June 22, 2004 at 07:07:56 (EDT)
COOL !!! I love google
Abram <abramder.net>
- Friday, June 11, 2004 at 17:00:02 (EDT)
Delighted to say that Gleb has confirmed all confirmed.
eugene harrington <eugenehes.ie >
ireland - Sunday, June 06, 2004 at 10:47:09 (EDT)
Gleb, we are arriving in Moscow on the 7th of June (next Monday) and despite numerous emails and phone calls I have yet to receive proper confirmation or voucher or details. HELP. Please contact me.
eugene harrington <eugenehes.ie >
Ireland - Monday, May 31, 2004 at 05:23:58 (EDT)

Pilgrim Tour encounters problems with email correspondence.
Problem 1: There is a huge spam messages flow from Western servers and many Russian email servers filter messages and remove them just because they are from a particular Westren email server. Problem 2: In spite of filtering, Pilgrim Tours receives 100 spam messages to 1 normal and there is their own filtering process then. If your message has attchements, html, has no informative related to Elbrus "subject" in most cases it will be removed without reading.
Problem 3: Pilgrim Tours has huge correspondence and many last minute oredrs and is tries to process urgent orders first. If your tour request date is in August most likely there will be delays with answer. - What to do: send messages in plain text format without html and attachemants and put informative subject. In case your message is not answered within some days jus send it again until it is answered.

Russia - Thursday, May 27, 2004 at 08:32:45 (EDT)

Gleb I have been sending emails since to four weeks and have no reply. What happens?? Please contact me at betonebot@hotmail.com
Beto Nebot Rodrigo <betonebothotmail.com>
spain - Monday, May 24, 2004 at 10:10:56 (EDT)
Live long and prosper !
Sepe Susi <sepesusipakana.zzn.com>
- Monday, May 10, 2004 at 07:06:27 (EDT)
kudos to all fellow climbers
Gregson Biloxi <g_biloxilinuxmail.org>
USA - Saturday, May 08, 2004 at 19:17:50 (EDT)
I am an experienced Australian mountaineer, based in Russia, looking to climb Elbrus in late May without guides. Have gear, GPS and bad Russian and friends in the Caucasus, and have been to Terskol before. Potentially looking for an experienced partner. Contact me if interested.
Andrew <boris_climberhotmail.com>
Russia - Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 11:40:03 (EDT)
Great people all Pilgrim's staff: Andrej, Tatiana, Gleb,...thank you to make our travel so easy. Thank you for your patient Tatiana, thank you for your help Andrej when we were robbered at Terskol...Really Thank you, you area developing a grat work...keep it up. See you this August again!!!! Beto Nebot & Roger Guillamon (BCN, SPAIN)
Beto Nebot Rodrigo <betonebothotmail.com>
Catalonia, SPAIN - Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 11:06:53 (EDT)
h. want climb summit mt.elbruz at summer 2004. looking peuple can help abaut climb rote and mt.elbruz.
hakan cokun <hakan1223hotmail..com>
turkey - Saturday, February 14, 2004 at 06:18:55 (EST)
Looking for 1-2 people to summit Mt Elbrus May/June. Would be interested in alternatives to standard route. If interested let me know by mail. Cheers
Stephen O' Sullivan <sullivan_s_10hotmail.com>
Ireland - Saturday, January 31, 2004 at 14:32:36 (EST)
I am planning a climb of Elbrus for Summer 2004. Am a solo climber and would like to coordinate with 1 or 2 others. Am interested in taking advantage of "Lite Package" for quick ascent. Please contact if interested.
Pat Hickey <Canuck27aol.com>
USA - Saturday, December 13, 2003 at 10:11:00 (EST)
Hey Gleb, Your new site looks great. We were on Elbrus back in August 2001. We had some great guides, Andre, Oksana, and (I think) Roman. Are they all still working for you?
USA - Friday, December 05, 2003 at 17:48:06 (EST)
We reached the summit 2.oct. Beautful weather, but a lot of newfallen snow made it a hard climb. Thank you Juri for excelent guiding, and to Pilgrim tours; we are 100% satisfied and recomend you to all who have plans to climb Elbrus. Harald Bjrlw - Anders Vangen Norway
Harald Bjrlw <harald.bjorlowlillesand.kommune.no>
Norway - Saturday, October 25, 2003 at 16:13:32 (EDT)
We just have published 2004 year dates and prices.
Russia - Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 16:17:01 (EDT)
About Elbrus.org We missed the deadline to pay for hosting and the site was 'suspended'. We paid then but the bank wire has missed somwhere in space and at the moment we and Verio (the hosting company in USA)can not 'find' that payment. Still searching. Sorry for the problem.
Russia - Friday, July 18, 2003 at 01:40:59 (EDT)
Hi Gleb! Is www.elbrus.org dead? I cannot load it for weeks. I badly need the GPS Elbrus map. Best regads.
Linas <ekstremumaiangelfire.com>
Lithuania - Monday, July 14, 2003 at 08:14:49 (EDT)
We are setting up our new office in the Elbrus region and encountered some problems with local phone lines. That made our correspondence and connection with main office irregular for several days. Sorry for delays with correspondence. Now it looks fixed.
Russia - Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 04:30:09 (EDT)
Like the new site. I travelled with Pilgrim Tours last season (Aug/Sept) Very professional service + great guides (Oxanna and Marina). Unfortunately the bad weather got the better of us when we were sooo close to the summit. Hope to go back sometime - will certainly be looking to Pilgrim Tours again when I do! Good job guys
Tom Gallagher <tomtightropenet.com>
Ireland - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 12:44:52 (EDT)
Hi Gleb, now I've got an answer from you, but it seems that some emails before the 3rd of May have vanished in the big space of the Internet. see my answer... thank you Regards Thomas
Thomas Richter <t99richteraol.com>
Germany - Sunday, May 04, 2003 at 12:50:04 (EDT)
To Thomas Richter: We answered you 3 times for the last 5 days. Better run a check on your side. All our correspondence with other people goes fine.
Russia - Saturday, May 03, 2003 at 09:10:04 (EDT)
Your Internet site is wonderful, but you should answer your emails...Regards Thomas
Thomas Richter <t99richteraol.com>
Neuss, Germany - Saturday, May 03, 2003 at 08:05:10 (EDT)
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