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  • 11 day Elbrus
         from South to North

  • Standard public 11 day Elbrus (from South to North) Tour.

    The climb of Mt. Elbrus is long and strenuous. It is not technically difficult but usually requires crampons, and sometimes ice-axes. No previous experience or climbing skills required - our guides provide necessary basic crampons, rope and ice-axe technique lessons during acclimatization hikes.

    Scheduled public 11 day (10 night) Mt. Elbrus tours (from South to North) in 2013 year:

    These standard tours are regular guaranteed departure tours. No matter if you come with a group of friends or travel alone - everybody is welcome to join a tour and a tour will be run for the same price if at least one person singes up.

    Standard itinerary starts from Mineralnye Vody airport and ends in Mineralnye Vody airport (MinVody).

    You can come to MinVody independently In this case you have to inform us about your arrival in Mineralnye Vody flight details. Our guide will meet you at the airport.

    If you come via Moscow you can order services in Moscow from us. We offer hotel accommodations, transportation, excursions and in some cases flight tickets Moscow-MinVody-Moscow.

    About our service besides the tour program see at Additional Service page.

    * * *

    2013 year season Dates.

    The dates of departure and prices are GUARANTEED. The tour will be run if at least one person signed up for the period.



    Dates (season 2013)
    Package cost - from Mineralnye Vody airport to Mineralnye Vody airport.

    Status information indicates:

    tour in progress:
    number of participants

    after the tour:
    total in group / tried / success


    The prices are fixed in Russian Rubles, may be paid in US dollars or in Euro according to the Central Bank of Russia current exchange rate on the date of payment.
    The prices in Euro and USD below are calculated according to 24 April, 2018 exchange rates.
    USD/RUB: 61.7655
    EUR/RUB: 75.7924
    Russian Rubles
    U.S. dollars
    #1 June 26 - July 06, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR
    #2 July 03 - July 13, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR
    #3 July 10 - July 20, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR
    #4 July 17 - July 27, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR
    #5 July 24 - Aug 03, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR
    #6 July 31 - Aug 10, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR
    #7 Aug 07 - Aug 17, 2013
    47800 RUB
    774 USD
    631 EUR


    Itinerary of Full Standard 11-day (10 night) Mt. Elbrus climb (may be slightly adjusted according to weather and other conditions)

    Day 1. Arrival day. Meeting in Minerlanye Vody airport (MinVody), transportation (4 hours) to our hotel at the foothills of Elbrus.
    Day 2. Acclimatization ascent (using ski lifts if possible) of Mt. Cheget. Stunning view of Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Donguzorun. Overnight stay in the hotel.
    Day 3. Ride ski lifts. Acclimatization hike on Elbrus slopes up to 4100 m. Descent to the valley. Overnight stay in the hotel.
    Day 4. Ride ski lifts. Set up base camp. Acclimatization hike up to 4500 m. Basic ice/snow/rope/self-belay course. Overnight stay in a small hut on the slopes of Elbrus.
    Day 5. Acclimatization hike up to 5000 m. Overnight stay in a hut.
    Day 6. Relax day. Overnight stay in a hut.
    Day 7. Summit day. Leave base camp about 3 am for the climb of Elbrus' west summit, 5642 m (18,498 feet). Descend to North side Camp 1. Overnight stay in a hut.
    Day 8. Reserve day for climbing Elbrus, descend to the North Camp 1 or Base camp. Hut or tents.
    Day 9. Reserve day for climbing Elbrus, descend to the North Camp 1 or Base camp. Hut or tents.
    Day 10. Descend to North Base camp. Transport to Piatigorsk. Hotel.
    Day 11. Drive to Mineralnye Vody.

    If there is no personal or group sucess with the climb by any reason climbers can return via South side.

    Day 9. Descend back to the hotel on the South side. Hotel.
    Day 10. Transportation to Piatigorsk. Hotel.
    Day 11. Drive to Mineralnye Vody. (more info)

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    Land cost of the tour includes:

    South area:
    Baksan valley, Caucasus - 'Semerka' hotel or similar - shared twin or triple room. (Full board)
    Base camp - The Barrels huts. (Full board)

    North area:
    Piatigorsk - a hotel, shared twin accommodation. (Breakfast)
    Base camp - tents, Camp 1 - a hut. (Full board)

    Transfers mentioned in the itinerary, by bus and lifts.
    Transporting the unnecessary gear f rom South side huts/hotel to hotel in Piatigorsk (this allows to have empty backpack during the climb).

    All necessary permits and registrations.
    Guide(s). One guide for the group throughout the tour. One mountain guide for three people for the summit attempt (1/3 guide/client ratio).
    One summit attempt with guides (more about this)
    Group equipment (ropes, ice screws etc)

    Land cost of the tour does not include.
    Transfers not included in the program.
    Riding snow-cat (Ratrak, a vehicle transporting people along the snow slopes).
    Single occupancy supplement (on request).
    Personal equipment (such as sleeping bag, boots, crampons etc)
    Service (guide, cook) in case of additional climb (more about this)

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    Conditions, deposit, cancellations and refund policy:

    There are two parts. The Elbrus part and additional service part (if you ordered that).

    For the Elbrus part (MinVody-MinVody program).

    - We require a deposit of 5000 Rubles per person (Currency Calculator) before we actually accept your booking and send visa support to you. Normally we send visa support shortly after receiving a deposit but we can delay visa support sending if you ask for this. After visa support was sent the cancellation fee is 5000 Rubles per person i.e. the deposit for the Caucasus (Elbrus) tour is non refundable. However you can use these money as a prepayment in case you order any tour from us in future.
    - The remaining amount must be paid before the tour starts either in advance by bank or cash transfer or in cash to our rep in the Caucasus right upon arrival in the mountain hotel.
    - After the tour starts there will be no refund for any unutilized service.
    - We do not cancel a tour if at least one person signs up and the price will stay same even if you are the only one customer on the tour. If you sign up and pay you can be sure that you go. That is our real advantage over competitors.
    - You do not really loose your deposit if you cancel. If you order a tour from us one day even in a couple of years we will count these money as your prepayment.

    For city services and airtickets if you order additional service.

    - Normally we do not require full payment for additional services and airtickets in advance. You can pay for them when you pay the balance for the entire tour. However sometimes some services (such as airtickets) may require payment soon after the confirmation to keep their cost. In that case we will inform you about terms of payment.

    - You can cancel hotel reservations 3 business days in advance without penalty. There will be no refund you you cancel later than 3 business days in advance.
    - You can cancel excursions and transportation in Moscow 1 business day in advance without penalty. There will be no refund you you cancel later than 1 business day in advance.
    - The refund for airtickets if you cancel the flight will be according to the airline rules, depending on the airline which runs that flight. They retain from 5 to 25 percent iif you cancel in advance and up to 50% in case you miss the flight.

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