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Mailing address: Pilgrim Tours, 41 Ostozhenka str., Moscow 119034 , Russia.

Tel / Fax: 7 (495) 660-3501 (Russia)

Main address: elbruspilgrim-tours.com - questions and comments regarding our tours.
Alternative addresses if you feel there are problems to access us:
glebumail.ru or elbrus.pilgrim.toursgmail.com

Web Forum - questions and comments regarding Mt Elbrus and Elbrus region.

Please, do not send messages with attachments and provide meaningful information in the 'subject' space in the header of your message. The attachments (only attachments not a message body) and messages without any 'subject' will be removed from mail server automatically. Not informative "subject" may also be ignored by a mail server filters - such as: "my request" or " question".
Normally we answer within 1-2 business days. However if calculation (pricing) or reservations confirmation or any other official procedure is involved there may be some delay.

The guidelines for better messaging:
1. Send plain text messages without attachments.
2. Put informative "subject" including 'Elbrus' name.
3. If you do not have an answer from us for more than 4-5 business days, please resend your message.
4. If there is still no answer send us a notification through Send Message page. This message will be received for sure because it will come directly from our web server to our email server.
5. Probably YOUR email box does not accept our answers completely or partially (blocks messages with too many links or something). Check 'Junk mail' folder in your box. Try to receive our answers on another email address. We recommend gmail.com free public email box. We DO NOT recommend hotmail.com - they have too strict filters by default.

Web site:
http://www.pilgrim-tours.com - commercial web site. Tours, dates, prices.
http://www.elbrus.info - informational web site (under construction). Facts about Elbrus region, free maps, photos, comments. Unfortunately we lost control on the domain name "elbrus.org" and do not support it anymore. We support it for about 10 years but now it owned by some Turkey company, sorry. They keep the old content but do not update it.

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