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There is a wise proverb: "Know what you buy." It is quite understandable that people want references from our former customers.

Fortunately most clients come after direct recommendations of our previous guests and just a few people ask us about any reference contact.

Our policy is that we do not promote our tours by advertising on Internet or in magazines and newspapers. This allows us to keep low prices and concentrate our attention on a particular potential customer instead of having huge correspondence with thousands of curious time wasters.

However there are still people who find us through Internet search and they want to know if they can trust us. The problem is that email addresses of our former customers is their private information and we can not spread addresses without permission. All we can do is to ask a former customer to send a message to our potential customer. This means that if you ask us about reference, give us your permission to pass your address to a former customer.

Why go with us? At least theree main reasons.


There are some other ways for investigation. You can make a search in Internet and find some independent resources about us. In most cases people do not mention the name of the company which help them to climb the top. However evidences still may be found:

http://www.peakware.com/wsl/logs/elbrus.htm - in English, mountain encyclopedia with summit logs, some of our customers posted comments there and sometimes they even mentioned us.

http://www.7-summits.co.uk/elbrus-itinerary.html - in Engilsh, 2001, a story about Elbrus tour, day by day.

http://www.teamstraydogs.com/ElbrusNews.htm - in English, 2004, pretty pictorial description.

http://www.ii.uib.no/~petter/mountains/5000mtn.html - in English, 2004, very informative description of Lite Package tour.

http://www.hamilton.co.za/elbrus/index.html - in English, 2001, very informative article about Elbrus climb, Moscow and Russia as a whole.

http://www.midtgaard.com/Canada/Elbrus/e_03.htm - in Norwegian, 2002, we can not estimate value of the text, but we are mentioned there somehow.

http://www.ice-x.nl/klimmers/boriselbrus2000.htm - in Dutch, 2000, same comment as for the link above.

http://www.utsidan.se/ddb/expeditioner/artiklar/545.htm - In Swedish, same comment as forthe link above.

http://www.7summits.com/pix/elbrus/elbrusstory.htm - in English, 1999, a good informative article, a bit old but still interesting point of view.

A link from a mountaineering Forum - in English, just a sample of posted message.

http://www.summitpost.org - Climbing info site on a growing selection of mountains. Elbrus page.

http://www.tightropenet.com/elbrus/ - in English, 2002, Elbrus tour journal

Feedback messages from our customers:

"...You can add match-maker to your list of services provided. I am getting married to Bill Briles who I met on the Elbrus trip in July of this year. The nuptuals will be on December 15th and we thank you and your group personally for the introduction..."    Tanya, USA, 2001

"...I climbed Elbrus with pilgrim tours in august last year. I've just recieved my certificate through the post. I just wanted (belatedly) to let you know how impressed I was with your company. I must admit to being a bit nervous to be using a russian company which i only found out about through the internet. I have previously been climbing with british companies but found your service to exceed all of them- everything worked efficiently, there were no hidden extra costs, it was excellent value for money and we got to the top! You can't say fairer than that..."    Richard, UK, 2002

"...a big thank you for the very good organization of the Elbrus climbing tour. It was the best organized tour which we have taken in our life.."    Antje and Thomas, Germany, 2000

"...Thanks for all logistical support on our Elbrus Expedition! We are very satisfied about your services..".    Boris, Netherlands, 2000

"...I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all you did to make our trip so successful. Not only did we make the summit in perfect weather (did you arrange that, too?), but the entire two weeks were absolutely perfect. All the arrangements you made were carried out to perfection and we are most appreciative.
We had a fantastic experience. The Russian people and the places we visited were absolutely wonderful. We have memories that will last a lifetime. It was a pleasure to meet you (however briefly) in Mineralnye Vody Airport. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know and please feel free to use my name for a reference or a recommendation for anyone in the US or anywhere else, that may want additional information before booking.
Also, please, please thank Natasha and Olga and Tatianna and Oksanna and Nina(Moscow guide) and Svetlana (St. Petersburg guide) and Mirinya (head guide) and Dmitri and Yuri (assistant guides) and everyone who helped make our trip so enjoyable and successful. It was a pleasure to do business with you and Pilgrim Tours and I hope someday to return. All the best to you and our new Russian friends..."    Ray, USA, 2002

"...I would like to Thank You so very much for a wonderful time in Moscow and a great expedition to Mt. Elbrus. Your organization is awesome (Gleb, the Guides, the Drivers, all the people behind the scenes, and you) ! ! ! Our group of climber always talked so highly of company throughout the trip. I think everyone had a great time.."    George, USA, 2000

"...thanks to you and your organization for the great job in handling all of the arrangements for us. In hindsight, it seems to be quite alot of stuff to do. The experience was a once in a life time, that is for sure..".    John, USA, 2001

"....Thank you again for the excellent organization of the Elbrus tour. I hope to come again in Russia and even on peak Lenin one day..:-))..."    Alberto, Italy, 2002

"...I wanted to write this E-mail to thank you, and especially your team for my successfull Elbrus trip between 12th and 23rd September. Eventhough the bad weather tried to ruin the whole thing, I finally made to the summit on 21st September !!!
Especially I would like to thank Marina, who was an absolutely excellent guide, and I only wish that she could have been with us on the summit, and also Tatiana, who bravely put up with our continuous inquiries, requests, and demands for changing flights etc. And also Oxana, who helped us at Min-Vody airport, and saved us from premature hear loss and heart attacks !!!!!
All these three ladies reserve a special THANK YOU !!
Gleb, I was also very much impressed about the professional way in which your whole team worked, starting from arrival in Moscow all the way to the very end of the trip. I think that the whole programme is very nicely put together, and offers excellent possibilities for a successfull summit bid on Elbrus !!
Finally I waould like to say that eventhough you may have lost two customers in Mark and me for climbing Elbrus next year, I think that you have gained very good publicity in us, because I would have no hesitation to recommend Pilgrim Tours to anyone who is planning to climb Elbrus !!! "     Kari , Finland, 2002

"...Many thanks for the trip - I'll be recommending you to anyone I know going out there. I should be back myself for some other mountains too..".    Ben, UK, 2002

"...I certainly enjoyed my climb with your organization and I will definitely refer your group to my friends. Moreover I plan to use your services as my wife and family wish to visit Russia in the future..."    Biff, USA, 2002

"...Thanks for a splendid, well-organized tour. I'll spread the word..."    Christian, Netherlands, 2000

"...yesterday we returned safely back from Kaukasus and we had a wonderful time. We are so thankful to our God for the exciting experiences and the protection during the week. But also we want to thank you and your staff. Everything was so well organized as it is possible in this country. We met friendly, patient and concerned people. I want to mention specially Tatjana, who did a great job with us and our wishes and changes. Your agency can be recommended without any restrictions..."    Lutz, Germany, 2002

"...Just a quick note to say hi, and to let you know that I had a wonderful time with Pilgrim. I'm not sure the basement will ever be the same after those crazy games of spoons.
Making it to the summit is always nice, but I really enjoyed the people that I met in Russia (you, Oxanna, Marina, Andre, Tatiana, and a few that I can't remember their names). I was overwhelmed with the competence and expertise of our guides. I know for sure that without them we never would have made it to the summit, and for sure not down.
Thanks to all, and please say hi to everyone for me. Hope we will meet again sometime in the future."    Dave, USA, 2002

"...And we want to thank you to all for the great services that you provided to us, at the last moment and after a call to mexico we decide to flight to mexico before time, Im sorry for not stoping by at your oficce in Moscow but we run out of time, please say thank to everyone in Pilgrims and congratulate Gleb for his trip to Kirghizia, please keep us infor if you have another trip to this area, we dont have plans for next year so please let us know..."    Francisco, Mexico, 2002

"...Also - I want to thank you and Pilgrim for a great trip, including before and after the mountain. We had numerous transfers and tours, and in every case Pilgrim was there on time and very helpful. I would particularly like to thank our mountain guides Noxanna and Valera (I apologize for the spelling). They were world class. I would rate Pilgrim 10 on a scale of 10. You run a first class organization!..."    George, USA, 2002

"...I am writing to you on behalf of the Irish team that went to Elbrus this summer. I would like to thank you so much for all your help beforehand and indeed
during our stay in Russia.
Tanya and Andreas were excellent support in the valley - no challenge was too big for them!!
We have no problem in recommending your company to anyone who is climbing Elbrus! Cheers!..."    Maria, Ireland, 2002

"...we are back in Germany. We had a wonderfull week in Kaukasus and on Mount Elbrus. We need from 4240 m good eight hours within a long rest on the saddel. On 12. July the weather was optimal to climb - sun in the morning and clouds on noon and afternoon. We have been on the summit at 12:20 at noon. It was windy and a little bit cold - but fantastic!!!
Thank You for Your good service and the detailled informations. The voucher You send me a few day before we went to Kaukasus was exactly right for the man at the entry - we had no problems with it! - Thank You. In the country we were not checked by police ore other people.
All in all - it was a pleasent journey, the service was good and with all Your Informations by e-mail or in the "Forum" we had a good feeling..."    Kurt, Germany, 2002

"...Thank you for all the correspondence amd attention to detail. The trip went smoothly and it was a great SUCCESS! The guides and staff at the Logde were great. I wish Marina would learn a bit more English so she could relate better with climbers. Tatiana is the BEST! All of the connections and transfers went well. I am so glad that I had the extensions in Moscow and at St. Petersburg . Russia was a great experience and I am glad to have been a guest in your country and to have gotten a glimpse of your culture. I carried home many carved wooden birds as souvenirs that the salesgal said represent happiness. I am happy to have gone with Pilgrim Tours and hope that indeed the future is looking brighter for your country. I took some happiness away but I hope there is much happiness still among your people. Thank you for all your help in making my trip go so well. I stoo d on the top of Europe!" -    Lynn, USA, 2002

"...everything was just perfect ....
We were damned happy that we could ski down from the Sattle to the Barrels (which, as we are now almost sure, is not possible every year!). We had a very nice "Summit" and we enjoyed the stay; I also must add that we enjoyed the two days in Essentuki (Sauna, Massage, relaxing, culture, market .....)."    Christian, Austria, 2002

"...Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your organisation for making our holiday most enjoyable and very much hassle free. Everything just went so smoothly from the guys who picked us up at the different airports and hotels to the people at Azau Lodge especially Tanya and Andreis, so thanks again for everything.."    Martin, Ireland, 2002

"...I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your comrades for helping to make the visit to Russia so enjoyable. Everything went so well, particularly the journey to the Caucuses and the preparation for the trek to the summit. Although there were a few scary moments, including the breakdown of the chair lift in dreadful weather and the crampon cut into Tania’s leg.
It was interesting talking to you and learning a little of Pilgrims history and a little about your own background. I can’t help thinking that there is a place for a more formal evening in which you might, for example, speak on the effects of the change from USSR to Russia, or the geography and life in the Caucasus, or both. There might even be an option to experience some other form of Russian culture, in Moscow perhaps, although I appreciate that this would add to the cost.
Just a comment on the food, which was very good, but at base camp I thought that the volume was too great and there was as a result a lot of waste – you might think about the possibility of making some savings here.
We had a very comfortable journey back home, but there was a 2 hour queue passing through passport control, you might warn visitors to make allowance for this on their return journey.
Once again many thanks for everything and all the best for the future."    John, UK, 2001

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