The Barrels huts, 3900 m.

The Barrels huts is a group of 10 huts right near the upper lift station. Each hut has a 'big' room with 4 beds, a small room with one bed and a table, a small room for luggage. There is electric heater, light and electric plugs (220V). Toilet is outside and very, very basic. Shower and tap water are absent. Water for cooking and other purposes comes from a spring (from mid June to mid August) or from snow and ice any other time. A kitchen with full sized gas stove and a big dining room is in a separate shed. It's enough warm inside a Barrel, beds are with mattresses. Sleeping bag is needed mostly for hygiene.

The Barrels huts from above in May. A Barrel hut and Eastern summit.
4-bed room in a Barrel. Another 4-bed room.