Why go with us? There are at least three main reasons.

1. Safety. We are the only company which have own rescue team and stationary 24-hours radio monitoring in our local full equipped office as well as as own 4x4 vehicles. We are the only company which equips all guides with 2-way radios and GPS's. Our people are always on the slopes and we provide a lot of current information for regular local rescue service as well as help with rescue operations. We have more customers and guides than any other company in the region. As a large reputable company with more than 10-year history we can fix local problems very effectively.

2. Wide range of possibilities. Want to meet people? Join any of our 34 regular guaranteed departure and fixed price groups and meet people from many countries. Have a group of friends-climbers? Order a private tour only for your party. Want to be alone without any guiding but need a local support just in case? Choose our Lite Package. You are a private entrepreneur? Add your customers to our tours and earn money. There are NO cancelling tours from our side - if at least one person signs-up the tour will be run.

3. Cost effectiveness. We are Russian company and our prices are 2 times less than a foreign company price. We run our own trips! Yes, we require a deposit and retain it if the tour is cancelled by you. However if you order in future you can use that deposit as a prepayment and that is why you do not lose your money at all!