Day 2. Mt. Cheget hike

Acclimatization ascent (using ski lifts) of Cheget mountain, 3450 m.

Breakfast at hotel on this day is included in all packages.

There is a hike to Mt.Cheget on this day. After we return back to the valley there is a lunch at local cafe (optional) and dinner at hotel (optional).

Normally we use lifts on this day. We think that lifts are very useful. They allow you to stay more time on high altitude and a climber has moderate activity and is not tired. This gives bettter acclimatization.
One can not become trained within 2-3 days before the climb but can easily become exhausted or have problems with legs. We consider that it is better to have moderate activity on high altitude for acclimatization than to have a hard job on lower altitude which gives not much for acclimatization but may be harmful for your knees. However if one wants he can go without lifts. There is a good visible road between stations.

If you are in a very good shape and/or have very good acclimatization you can avoid lifts and walk. Obviously walking requires more time than lifts so please discuss your timing with our guide in advance to make sure you meet the group after your walk. There is a good visible road under lifts so you do not need guidance on the way.

After the upper lifts station there is the mountain edge to the summit of Cheget 3450 m. If the weather is good we can spend 40 minutes on the top for making pictures and sightseeing. Then we go down to Cheget village again and have a lunch there in a local cafe (optional) at about 3 pm.

NOTE that this is the last day in the valley so you have to prepare your equipent today. If you have questions please discuss with our guide or reps in hotel. If you wish to hire any equipment, ask your guide.