Day 3. The Base camp at the Barrels huts.

- After breakfast we start from the mountain hotel with all necessary climbing gear. You can leave your unnecessary gear at the hotel. We set our base camp at the Barrels huts (3800 m).
- You will carry your own equipment/clothes from hotel to lifts (5 minutes) and from lifts to the huts (5 minutes). Sometimes( not often) the 3rd leg of lifts is closed and it may occur that you have to walk from lifts to the huts. It takes about 40 minutes along a good trail. That is why please have a big backpack along not a handbag for your gear.
- After a short rest and tea we start for a hike up to the beginning of the Pastuckhov rocks and probably higher (4200-4300 m/ 14100 ft). Depending on weather and time your guide may offer to have a short snow\ice\rope\self-belay technique courses. Lunch, dinner and overnight at the Barrels huts.

The barrels huts are not the highest huts but the most comfortable ones. There are electric power, light and heaters, personal beds, separate big dining room and kitchen. One of the important rules for acclimatization is: walk as high as you can but sleep as low and comfortable as it is possible. This gives you you relax and rest after hard day. Having night on high elevation in bad conditions makes climber tired without any activity and you can get up even more exhausted than you were several hours ago.

About Minimal, Full packages and options:

Meals at huts are included in all packages, you can not deduct them.
The only optional thing on this day is Lift ticket. We strongly recommend to use lifts on this day because the walk itself is very strenuous because you have to get from 2300 m to 3800 m and also you have a backpack with personal gear. If you still wish to avoid lifts it is possible but please discuss this with our guide in advance. Hardly one can take part in the group hiking activity to 4200 m after the walk. Backpack transportation is possible but must be discussed and settled beforehand.