Day 11. Departure.

The transportation from MinVody airport to our hotel in Elbrus area on the first day of the tour is included into the tour package cost but with some limitations

- On the way back we take people to the airport for the flights starting from SU-2090 (12:40). Therefore the bus comes to airport at about 11:00 and leaves hotel at about 07:00. Those who need earlier transportation (do not forget that it takes 4 hours to get to airport from Elbrus area so for 9 am flight you have to leave our hotel at 4 am) must order a private transportation.

- Those customers who have late flights can either go with early bus or order a private transport. In any case they can discuss the situation with guide and reps and probably there may be a convenient solution especially if there are some other people on that flight

If someone leaves later (not on regular transportation dates) he must order a private transport from us or leave on his own.

There is no refund for unutilized group transportation. 'Included' transportation is a group regular transportation and may be arranged only on regular dates and with group. It may not be moved or cancelled same as other services within itinerary (i.e. same as there is no refund if you do not take part in a scheduled hike).

- Your guide will see you off at the airport.