Day 1. Getting to the Elbrus region.

FULL package in brief:
Our guide meets you at MinVody airport. Probably you will wait for some other members from a next flight. After that our bus will take you to our hotel. Travel time is about 4 hours. Our reps meet you at hotel and arrange rooms. You will have dinner at hotel.

MINIMAL package in brief:
You have to come to our hotel yourself. Our reps meet you at hotel and arrange rooms. Dinner is not included.

Features and considerations on Full and Minimal (or partial) packages:
- If you come not on the day 1 exactly but come a couple of days before there is no reason to pay for Group transportation on that day.
- If you come on day 1 but do not wish to wait until a party of group members are ready for group transportations (this may take 1-2 hours, see full information below) you can take a taxi from airport to our hotel. Our guide will help you with this. The cost of taxi is about 3500 Rubles so if you have 3 friends for the ride it becomes even a bit cheaper than group transportation.
- On one hand it is possible not to request group transportation initially and make final decision right at the airport when you come. You can take taxi or inform our guide you wish our 'group' transfer. On the other hand if we do not count you for group transfer initially there may be no vacant seats in our currently leaving bus. We strongly recommend to request group transportation in advance if you are planning to use it.
- If you request 'group' transportation in advance it may be cancelled only 24 hours before departure. It may not be cancelled righ at the airport.

Mineralnye Vody airport, meeting and 'group' transportation, hotel:

Normally (if this was not discussed and ordered before) we expect to meet you on the first day of your tour itinerary at Mineralnye Vody (MRV) airport. Short name is MinVody. On the last day of your itinerary we will take you back to that airport.

- Our representative will meet you at the arrival hall with the sign "Pilgrim Tours". Do not forget to inform us about your flight details (flight number).

1. The transportation from MinVody airport to our hotel in Elbrus area on the first day of the tour is included into the FULL tour package cost but with some limitations

- If one's flight comes before 11:00 am we do not guarantee our people meet him from the flight. Probably he has to wait until until 11:00 when our bus comes to airport.

- If one's flight comes later than 20:00 am one has to order a private transportation. The time is set according to the flights timetable and may be different in the next season.

- Although our guides meets every flight there is no certainty when our regular buses leave airport. Everything depends on the number of people. From popular flights buses often go immediatelly but sometimes there may be even 3 hour gap. The exact times depend on summer timetable and flights of customers. Airport has good not crowded spaces for waiting, free WiFi, cafes and shops.

2. There is no refund for unutilized group transportation. If you requested it but do not need it you should cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. 'Group' transportation may be arranged only on regular dates and with group. It may not be moved to other date.

3. On the way: It takes from about 4 hours to get to our hotel from the airport. During the drive we can make stops for toilet or some food shopping. If you need something - ask our guide or a driver.

4. At the mountain hotel: It will save your time if you choose your room mates beforehand. There are twin and triple rooms in the hotel, with toilet and shower. Single accommodation may be available for additional cost in case there are vacant rooms in hotel or if you ordered that in advance. Your mountain guide and our English speaking representative will meet you there or at the airport. Overnight in the hotel (2100 m. above sea level).

6. Final payment: Our rep will ask you to pay the balance for the tour. Please have cash along with you. We can not accept cards or checks and it may be too late arrival to go to bank office.